Thursday, September 30, 2010

NBA offseason

So i hate LeBron James, well at least when he's not on team USA raping the entire world.  Serisouly There are two major superstars rising in the NBA LeBron and Durrant.  I'm on the Durrant train.  Love him.  Classy guy, not an ego maniac who needs to have a TV special to tell you which teams heart he is ripping out.  Not a cavs fan by the way.  My loyalties lie with my Celtics, and my other fav team thats gonna suck this year the suns. 

Anyways.  Melo isn't going anywhere till teams can move FA's.  Denver is gonna move him though, they'd be crazy not to after LeBros this summer.  A lot of people moved around this summer. Suprisingly i think the clippers are gonna make the playoffs they have a fun to watch core of guys. They also canned dunleavy as a coach so they really improved just by that one move.

more to come in the future, hope somebody reads this shit.

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