Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sorry I've been inactive

DotA 2 was announced recently I think today or yesterday.  Game informer did a big article on it.  heres the link to that.

Dota 2!

Anyways I play HoN even though from what I hear LoL is better.  HoN is really trashy it's retail game but doesn't have working matching making system.

Anyways check the pictures on it and all the other stuff.  Looks promising if you like this type of game.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Virginian parking

People in Virginia really have no idea how to park a car.  Whenever I got to visit friend in Virginia parking a car in a parking lot is a fucking task and a half.  everyone parks to the extreme of one of the white lines given.  So that when you park there is a high chance that getting back into your car means going through a window to not scratch the car next to yo ( assuming your nicer than i am).  It's borderline ridiculous that people can't park between two white lines and not sit on at least one of the lines in the process.  So heres are some suggestions to Virginian drivers.

  • Don't park on the white lines
    • park between the white lines
  • Stop parking so fucking close to people who have parked already
    • reduces the amount of spit you have to remove from your car
    • reduces the chances of you having a dent mark in your car
  • Stop being so bad at driving
    • seriously your bad drivers in general

sorry to offend any of the few not terrible drivers in VA

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bye randy moss!

Pats fan here sad to see him go.  Not upset that he's gone, just upset that we didn't get shit in return for him.  All my cheering efforts now go to Danny Woodhead D2 heisman winner.  I'm pretty sure i know people who could cover all our Receivers except maybe welker.

PS don't expect any baseball talk here.  Too hard to watch the game for me, not fast enough, not interesting enough.

Monday, October 4, 2010


So i'm an average volleyball player at best.  Not great, not bad, not tall, not short, average at everything, but i'm a really good defender.  I hate playing with people with no clue that when they are on the side of the hitter they take line, not sit behind the block and hope the other player tips.  I also hate it when people want to play high level and can't keep up and drag a whole team down.  If your rec league stay there if not move up.  COME THE FUCK ON